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How To Measure A Shade Sail

When measuring for your new shade sail care should be taken to be as accurate as possible. The more accurate your measurements are the better your new shade sail will fit with less hassle and adjustments being required when it is being installed.

We will require the dimension between each fixing point around the perimeter as well as the diagonal measurements between fixing points.

measurements for custom shade sail

You will also need to note which fixing points are high, low or medium. It is an advantage if you are able to note the difference in heights between the fixing points.

This is not essential but it makes it easier to check for any errors.

You should also note which fixing points have turnbuckles and which fixing points have no turnbuckle.

Measuring A Shade Sail

If you are using your own or existing turnbuckles we will need to know the minimum and maximum length of your turnbuckles.

Care should be taken to note any obstacles which the shade sail may come in contact with. The general rule is if your tape measure comes in contact with anything note it on your sketch. The curves on the shade sail can be altered to miss a down-pipe, tree or post in a lot of cases.

Below are some more sample sketches of the dimensions required for the manufacture of your new shade sail.

How To Measure A Shade Sail

If you are not sure as to How To Measure A Shade Sail you are more than welcome to contact us below and we will be more than happy to help you get it right. You may also find our Shade Sails FAQ page helpful.

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