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Care And Maintenance

Your shade sail should be installed and tensioned firm to minimise flapping in the wind.

Protecting Shade Sails

It is preferable to have stainless steel wire threaded into the perimeter in order for it to stay tensioned without any sag in the centre to catch the wind. When installed in this manner it’s much less likely to be damaged during storms or periods of high winds.

Posts and other fixing points need to be strong enough to withstand this tension without bending or moving even when subjected to high winds.

How To Correctly Clean The Cloth

shade sail care and maintenanceOver a period of time the shade material may become dirty.

The use of chemicals containing bleach (chlorine) and other industrial or agricultural chemicals should be avoided as these can effect the UV stabilisers in the cloth and could cause premature fading and deterioration thus shortening the life of your shade sail.

We recommend cleaning your shade sail using a mild dish-washing liquid applied with a soft scrubbing brush or broom.

Then hose clean with a low pressure hose. We do not recommend the use of a high pressure water cleaner to blast the shade cloth clean as this may damage it.

If you remove the sail to clean it we recommend that the stainless steel wire in the perimeter is left in place with the wire grips left tightened.

This way when you reinstall the shade sail it should go back tensioned the same as it was before it was taken down.

If you have any further questions you would like to ask about the care and maintenance of shade sails please use the contact form below.

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