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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our Shadekits shade sails are made and manufactured with commercial grade ATS, PolyFX or Rainbow Shade fabrics, depending on the choice of colour.

Our shade sails come with a 10 year guarantee and a minimum 93% U.V. protection.

Don’t Settle For Sub Standard Foreign Made Shade Sails

Whether you are looking at adding value to a home with shade sails or a current commercial project, Shadekits can ensure you get the best quality and custom size sails you require and at affordable rates.

Shade Sail FAQ

Depending on the the quantity and design of the shad sails please allow up to 7 to ten days for delivery. To get a quote for your next DIY or commercial project please contact us.

Question: Can Shade Sails Enhance The Appearance And Value Of My Home?

Answer: Yes, most definitely, with the many improvements, innovations and latest developments in shade sails over the last twenty years including design and development as well as the tasteful use of colours, both aesthetics and added value can be achieved.

Question: Is The UV % Blockout Important?

Answer: Yes, very this is very important. We are all aware of the harmful effects of the sun and Australia being the the Sun Cancer capital of the World. The higher UV % block fabrics allow less harmful UV rays to penetrate, giving you more protection for you and your family when enjoying the outdoors of your home. Shade sails are also a great idea for those businesses that have uncover outdoor areas.

Question: Is The UV % Block The Same For All Colours And Shade Fabrics?

Answer: No, the sun has a different effect on each colour, therefore each colour will have a different UV percentage. For example, Rainbow Shade ‘BLACK’ is 99% UV block whilst ‘WHITE’ is only 78%. In addition, the UV % block can differ significantly between different makes of shade cloth.

Question: Is A Lightweight Shade Cloth For Shade Sails An Advantage?

Answer: Yes. A lightweight strong and stable shade cloth fabric is very important when it comes to the stress and strains shade sails are subjected to. A lightweight yet strong, well tensioned sail subjected to extreme weather conditions will not put excessive strain on the support structure, provided the structure is adequately designed and installed.

Question: Is The Choice Of Colour Important?

Answer: Choice of colour is important and depends on the customers needs. For example, a high profile car yard will use bright and colourful shade fabric, possibly in their corporate colours to make a statement and attract buyers to the car yard. A kindergarten may choose a number of bright and cheerful colours used together, whilst a home owner may use colour to blend in or create a statement about them or their home.

Question: Are Shade Sail Structures Cost Effective?

Answer: Extremely cost effective. When one takes into account the benefit gained through providing shade and the life span of the product.

Question: Do Shade Sails And Structures Require Maintenance?

Answer: Yes, basic maintenance and care on a regular basis is necessary to ensure your installation maintains its original looks and shape. Regular cleaning and inspection of the tension will ensure long life of the fabric and a trouble free installation. For assistance, contact your supplier.

Question: Should I Deal With A Registered Shade Cloth Provider?

Answer: There is no governing body which controls the shade industry in Australia. However,  we do suggest you ask suppliers for references and check out examples of their work before contracting them. A good indication of a quality supplier is their timing for their initial appointment, how long you wait for the quotation and most importantly, the quality of their presentation.

Question: Is the Shade Sail Industry Growing?

Answer: Yes indeed, over the past 20 years we have seen enormous growth throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as other international countries such as the USA. Shade Sail structures have become extremely popular and we expect this growth to continue for many years to come.

David & Christine Shaw